Cuneiform Lesson Plan for Young Children

Writing and Language are the first art. We will explore Cuneiform and use clay to make our own tablets.  This lesson coorisponds nicely with Classical Conversations Cycle 1 weeks 1 and 2.
To Read: The Story of Gilgamesh This site has a wonderful one page version of the Story of Gilgamesh.  There is also a longer version if you are interested in more information.  It's a great site that is very thorough. documents beautifully the making of cuneiform tablets pictured below.  I love the idea of making two tablets to go with CC cycle 1 History Sentences about the 10 commandments.  I think I will make them with my kids and tie them with yarn for necklaces for our craft for week 1.

Here is a picture of an actual cuneiform tablet:  Check out this website to learn more about the evolution of cuneiform yourself.  It's wonderful to learn with our children and to find the details that intrigue us to share with our little ones.

Use the Cuneiform Alphabet above to write something.  Cut slabs of self drying clay, which can be found at any art store or online here: Clay  It's best to stamp the clay, rather than drawing in it.  Use popcycle sticks to write your name in the clay or better yet check out these tools.
Want to have even more fun?  Check out this website to see your name written like a real Babylonian. 

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