Household Tasks That Engage Small Children

Everyday life can become routine and mundane for an adult, but children are greatly amused by the adult world and household tasks we often don't think about. Even a young toddler will enjoy playing with the laundry as you sort or fold. Laundry is actually full of engaging information, for instance sorting laundry is full of nuances we often take for granted, but are a great learning opportunity for small children. Sorting lights and darks takes some practice, but with a little help children will begin to not only see color, but minute variances in color.

Cooking is one of the best tools for teaching math to small children. Not only do they learn about quantity, but they get to see it in action. So often, we think children are only taught math through drills, but young children that learn to associate the numbers with actual quantity, will benefit throughout their education, because they will actually understand the computational componants. Cooking also teaches sciences. The foods that are being cooked are changing form and doing all kinds of amazing chemistry, you just have to look.

Taking care of plants and animals is a great for young children to experience responsibility and science. Plants are great resources for children to study science. Planting your own seeds is even more amazing for small children, because they are beginning to see growth and changes within themselves and they are able to witness this throughout nature. This helps them relate to the natural world in an investigative way.

Organizing and sorting is a good way for children to compare and contrast items. The more often they are involved in these kinds of tasks, the more engaged and better at discerning they will become. While cleaning out, you might find things you can donate. This is a great way to encourage children to help others. Small children have a great capacity to see themselves in the bigger world. By including them in service, even indirectly will give them a larger purpose in their world.

Everyday household activities can be invaluable teaching opporutinities for small children. So look around, take atvantage of where you live.

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