Good Violin in a Small Size

I found early on that the smallest violins tend to have the worst sound. Part of the problem is the size. It's very hard to make something so small create a big sound, but that's exactly what a child learning to differentiate minute sounds needs. After years of searching I've found a company that makes student violins that sound excellent.

Bellafina Violins are student violins that can be purchased for around $200. They sound exceptional for their price and teachers I've spoken to love when their students invest in one of these because they sound so rich.

I've bought violins for around $100. on ebay, but I've never been overwhelmed by the quality. The Bellafina must be purchased from a music store such as, but even used they cost around $150 or $160, never really depreciating all that much because of the original quality, so it's well worth it to buy this new. I reccomend searching to find out who is selling this violin in your child's size at the best price. You can also search for coupons on google that may be available at the time of purchase. Once your child reaches about 4-6 years of age it's safe to say they will have one violin per year depending on their growth, but traditionally this is what you can expect.

Renting may seem like a good option for a beginner, but you will spend the same amount of money or more in a year. By buying the violin you have the option to sell the violin once your child outgrows it.

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