Free Educational Activities for Young Children

Finding free activities was once challenging for me. When my first child was born I enrolled in all kinds of classes, but found that most were crowded and the parents seemed to be the main participants. Three children later I've found that there aren't many options when it come to siblings, and the ones that are available are very expensive. However, there is good news, because there are lots of free educational activities that you find and make a part of your week.

The library is probably the best resource a parent of young children has. The library is great place to sit and read as well as usually offering story times and other events. During the school year we usually go to the library and pick out books starting with a certain letter or idea, such as an upcoming holiday. In the summer I usually try to incorporate a theme for the week like zoo animals and spend all week reading books and doing activities related to the zoo and then on Friday we actually visit the zoo, making things we do spend money on a valuable educational experience that the children can take more away from.

The playground is, of course, a wonderful free activity, although it's weather permiting. I like to bring another activity with us when go. Usually something I would rather not do at home, such as making bubbles, or collecting nature items to study later.

A Nature walk or exploratory walk can be done even in the big city. All you need is a little imagination. Just head out with an open-mind and explore what you find. When you return home draw a picture or story about what you saw. This is an incredibly gentile way to teach your child. Not only are you helping them become more sensitive to their everyday world, you are also probing them to comprehend and retell what they experience, which will become more important as they begin to retain more difficult material.

While going to the Post Office may be a chore for us, children see these activities as very exciting. Try taking a trip with your child as an educational experience. Take the time to explore and explain what they are seeing. Maybe even have your child send a letter to themselves. They will be very excited to see their letter in their mailbox and it's a great way for them to begin to uncover the civil services within their community.

These are just a few ideas, but your community is full of educational opportunities for you and your child. Don't feel like you have to do expensive classes, be creative and try to examine the world through your child's eyes. Everyday is an opportunity for learning. Have fun!

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