Encouraging Lifelong Pursuits

Today we are inundated with get rich quick schemes and the dream of easy success. There is a prevalent success only attitude in our society and it spills over into education and parenting. Unfortunately this can teach children that if they aren't the best at something they shouldn't even try. Ultimately, it can leave them feeling useless and without much direction.

The reality is that most people who are successful have worked very hard to become so. It's important to instill in children a good work ethic and the belief that they can participate in lot's of activities, even if they aren't the star of the team.

Many parents push their children to play sports that they played, hoping that their children will pick up where they left of, perhaps even one day fulfilling their dreams and, for instance, playing in the NFL. Unfortunately this is extremely rare, and without a good education, the majority of major league sports players will be unable to do anything else when their short career ends.

Encouraging lifelong pursuits should be the goal of parents hoping to raise happy well-rounded adults. Some of the things people can do throughout their entire lives are swimming, golf, tennis, and music. By giving children the opportunity to enjoy activities without being driven to be the next great sports star, you are giving them something that can stay with them their entire lives. Look to seniors and the things they are able to enjoy, these activities are usually things we all can do throughout our lives. What a gift that would be rather than broken dreams and disappointment over that unfulfilled Olympic dream.

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