Suzuki Rhythms and Pitch

There are four rhythms in twinkle theme and they can and should be taught to a child before they begin to actually play them on the violin. Once they have learned the rhythms they will be able to play them on the violin when they begin a formal Suzuki program.

You can begin by clapping the rhythms and move to soaping the arm. Soaping is done by gliding the palm of your right "bow" arm along the top of your left "violin" arm between the shoulder and elbow to the rhythms of the music. Soaping can be done very informally such as to the CD in the car, or more purposefully such as on the parents lap with the parent actually holding the child's left arm out in front of them and using the right arm to soap the rhythm and build muscle memory.

The four main rhythms are:

1. Mississippi, Stop Stop

2. Mississippi Is A River or Mississippi Alabama

3. One, Two, Shush,(this is silent so we say "shush") Four (Note: when clapped this sounds like, "clap, clap,...(pause) clap)

4. Run Pony, Run Pony

You will also want to teach the child to sing "twinkle, twinkle, little star" in the correct pitch matching the CD. For some parents this is more difficult than others, but have the child sing the song with song 1 in the Book 1 CD enough times and they will begin to match the pitch on their own.

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