Suzuki Violin Finger Games for Toddlers

Finger Games

Finger play is important for dexterity necessary to play a stringed instrument as well as muscle memory that will help in formal instruction. Here are some suggestions for developing muscle memory in toddlers and preschoolers without the instrument. Young children are often eager to play the violin, but lack the ability. By playing some simple games each day a young child can teach their fingers to move much more naturally on the violin. Here are some suggestions

Finger push ups- Make an "O" with your first finger and thumb and then extend your finger until straight, keeping finger tip and thumb tip touching. Repeat this ten times with each finger.

Sparkling glasses- Make imaginary glasses in front of your eyes. (Make the shape of and "O" with your first finger and thumb on each hand and place around your eyes.) Tap your thumb and first finger together to make "sparking glasses." Do this with each finger. Note: The pinkie sparkling glasses may be difficult for very young children.

Bunny Ears- This is a great exercise to get tiny hands ready to hold a violin bow. Take your middle two fingers and touch fingertips to thumb tip. The ears of your bunny are your first (pointer) finger and pinkie. On the bow the first finger and the pinkie are used to control the pressure of the bow on the strings. The middle two fingers are the "huggers" and the thumb must be trained to be bent or "bumpy" on the bow. Therefore this is the perfect finger play for future violin players. A variation of bunny ears is to have the bunny eat by bending and straightening your thumb and hugger fingers keeping the tips touching.

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