Charlotte Mason for Those Who Don't Homeschool

The homeschooling communtiy has certainly brought many of Charlotte Mason's teaching methods to the mainstream. There seems to be a strong following within the homeschool community, but are there those that incorporate Charlotte Mason's philosophy's who don't homeschool?

There is actually a growing interest in Charlotte Mason's teaching ideas outside the homeschool community. There are even Christian schools that are using her methods. There are like-minded parents and educators out there that seem to be gaining momentum in the Charlotte Mason circles.

There are some great sites out there that can get you started in incorporating Charlotte Mason's idea's into your child's education, whether at home or at school.

Here are some useful links: An in-depth look at Charlotte Mason's life and key ideas. A very thorough site devoted solely to Charlotte Mason An interesting page that gives a snapshot of how one school incorporates Charlotte Mason teaching methods in their classrooms.

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