Toddler Chess intro

Research has shown that children who play chess do better academically. Children can begin to play chess at four or five years of age. In fact many of the Grandmasters began playing at an early age. It's not necessary to play a full game with a toddler; it will become a frustrating experience. However, young children certainly have the capacity to learn the correct positioning and movement of the pieces. There are many resources for children's chess. The computer has made it possible for children everywhere to practice at unimaginable levels because they can play or review almost any possible chess match.

It's not important for a toddler to be able to win a game of chess. By exposing young children to the game and allowing them to be comfortable with the pieces will create an association with the game that is approachable and fun. Too many kids think chess is boring or worse yet too challenging. When children learn to enjoy the challenge of the game of chess they are shown to improve in other important academic areas such as reading.

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