Teaching Methods Continued

Habit Training: Charlotte Mason had strong expectations for children, but a gentile way of establishing them. She encourages to work on one specific habit for four to six weeks. Some of the habits relevant to young children are obedience, neatness, kindness, gentleness, truthfulness, and an even temper.

Short Lessons for young children is encouraged growing progressively longer as the child can begin to accept more. This should all happen in a natural way never pushing the child before he or she is ready.

Dictation and Copywork: A popular part of the Charlotte Mason Method, but best for older children who are reading and writing. If you begin with Narration then gradually the child can begin to use dictation for a formal spelling and grammar study and copy work for handwriting study.

Art appreciation: Art is viewed as a way to study living ideas. Great ideas are revealed through artist's work. Young children can certainly appreciate art and this love is easily fostered even in very young children. Looking at famous paintings and listening to great composers develops an appreciation and respect for great art.

Nature Study: In Charlotte Mason's schools time was spent outdoors for nature study. Nature study can be done by letting the children draw and label aspects of nature that will eventually lead to more advanced science. Nature study is easily done while outside with young children. They are naturally so curious and excited outdoors this method heightens their awareness outdoors.

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