Teaching Chess Pt 1

Toddler Chess
Toddler's can be anything but studious, but that doesn't mean that they can't be taught very academic pursuits. While, most two year olds can't sit long enough to play a game of chess, they can certainly understand the premise behind the game.
Chess is actually quite an elementary game, which is what makes it so universally appealing. That being said chess is also one of the most complicated and academically challenging games to play. One can spend a lifetime studying and pursuing the details of chess.
Toddler's have a very "can do" attitude, which makes them wonderfully engaging and facinated learners. Although, they lack the patience and ability to sit for long periods of time, they are astitute at learning in bite size bits.
It's important to stay to the point with little one's they don't need the details. They are much more interested in doing things themselves. Teaching chess should be thought of as a natural pursuit.

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