Proper chess play for preschool players

By the time a child is three they are usually seen as old enough to begin preschool. This age is culturally recognized as an age where education can begin. The typical preschooler is inquisitive and playful. If your little one has been playing chess as a toddler or at least been exposed to the board and pieces the game can begin to get more interesting with a preschooler. That being said, it's also a time when some of the more subtle nuance's of chess.

Children must learn that all chess games are played by the rule that once you touch a piece you must move it. This a part of proper game play thats easy to teach. Just hold to the rule and soon your preschooler will know that if they touch a piece they must move it. Also, it can sometimes take a game to interesting places when they must learn to move pieces correctly. This eventually leads to more experimentation and a deeper understanding of chess.

Once you teach a child rule they will hold you to it as well. It's fun to see if they can catch you breaking a rule sometime!

The board is always set up with a white square on each player's bottom right corner. Let them see a correctly set up board as often as possible. With young children the best approach is often incorporating active and passive learning whenever possible. Being around chess as much as possible will encourage game play and help the child to feel at ease with the game.

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