The Lincolnshire System

There is a game played only with pawns that was developed in Lincolnshire, England. The game is now considered a common method for teaching the youngest children how to play chess. Although, originally played in schools in Europe, it fast become an accepted method of teaching and is now played all over the world.

The pawn is the lowest ranking piece on the chess board. However, the pawn is the only piece that has the ability to be promoted to a greater ranking piece. The pawn can do this by crossing the board safely. Once on the other side of the board the pawn can be replaced by any previously lost piece the player chooses.

Lincolnshire chess essentially teaches the young child the importance of the pawn and how to move the pawn effectively.

To play, simply set up the board with pawns only. The pawns are lined up in their usual position. The first player to successfully get a pawn across the board wins.

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