Benefits of the Soroban Abacus

The use of the Soroban abacus helps young children express large numbers simply and easily.

There is no need for mental calculation and the deeper understanding of numbers develops.

The Soroban abacus fosters a trust in the process of calculating by allowing the student to observe it in action. This encourages confidence in calculation.

Uses a left to right calculation method, which makes quick estimation and rounding off possible.

It improves the understanding of compounded numbers (the Soroban uses supplementary numbers for 5 and 10).

The Soroban visually shows the concept of decimal places and the progression of units by tens.

The Soroban develops not only greater mental capacity, but mental calculation, which is the ultimate resource.
Japanese children proficient in the Soroban (Japanese parents often send their children to Soroban tutors for training,) Can eventually visualize the Soroban in their minds and do high level arithmetic without the aid of any calculating tool.

The Soroban instantly accomplishes addition and subtraction when numbers are placed on the abacus.

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