Choosing a Suzuki Instructor

Choosing a Suzuki instructor may seem difficult if the parent doesn't have a strong musical background.

When we were choosing a Suzuki teacher for our daughter we were like the blind leading the blind. Neither my husband or myself had ever had any formal music education outside what we had stumbled across in college. I had seen some young children performing violin at a teaching workshop I had attended when my daughter was still a baby. I was absolutely floored. To see such young children performing such difficult music on a very tiny but sophisticated stringed instrument. It was really breathtaking. I researched Suzuki right away and knew pretty soon after I had first heard about it that I wanted to practice that with my child.

When my daughter turned two we enrolled her in the only Suzuki program we could find and began to struggle to even understand what we were doing. We eventually switched to a program that was perfect for us. Of course this was after much research and tough lessons. What we learned was that it was much easier to succeed in a true Suzuki program that includes both private instruction and a group class. Many Suzuki programs now have note reading classes or instruction in note reading once the child has been reading about a year. Some Universities hold Suzuki Institutes and even full fledged Suzuki programs all year so that's a good place to check. also, you can search for a Suzuki teacher in your area; but if you aren't going on a recommendation then be sure to visit with the your child and to be clear about how the particular teacher or school teaches and be sure you are comfortable with the level of commitment necessary for success.

Suzuki is for the long haul. You need to be able to practice with your child and you may need to attend classes more than once a week. If you aren't able to do this Suzuki may not be the method for you. This is not meant to scare any parents away, but rather you should educate yourself as to what will be necessary for your child to be successful and not frustrated. If you cannot attend regular lessons and practice at home your child will find the instrument too difficult and become frustrated. If you can develop a schedule and practice as little as ten minutes a day your child will be successful at Suzuki violin. Some children need more repetition than others, but the beauty of Suzuki is that all children can be taught the violin with enough repetition.

In West Palm Beach, Florida Palm Beach Suzuki School of Music has a complete, traditional Suzuki program consisting of private and group instruction, note reading classes, summer camp, and preparation for all levels of music auditions from school of the art's auditions to college. They have numerous recitals and opportunities for students to practice performing throughout the year.

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